The Art of Love

Eden experience

הסדנא האחרונה התקיימה בתאילנד האקזוטית בשפה האנגלית

אומנות האהבה- הסדנא הקרובה:

Eden Experience  

The art of Love,   March 13-16, 2019

אשרם במדבר

The training is directed at our transformation to live according to the calling of our soul and to become the "source" of our lives - an agreement to truly open the heart and to meet the mysteries of life at the height of its power.

Level 2 invites the workshop participants to re-start the 'self', with a deep intention to part from past patterns towards a free, loving, creative mind that only wants to devour life.

Level 2 invites a transpersonal connection with humanity and nature so that our lives become more real, more adventurous, stimulating and healthy.

Level 2 is a direct continuation of the knowledge,
experience and consciousness that was acquired in Level 1.


Main topics we will investigate: 


From sexuality to an erotic way of life.   

Sexuality is the source of creativity and energetic power that exists in every person. A person who feels at peace with his sexuality, and frees the areas of shame and guilt , can enter the deep magic gates of eden.

Sexuality as a spiritual path.

Sexuality as a means of spiritual development, to meet with the source and creator within us. We will learn and practice sexuality that opens wide our highest dimensions, releasing inhibitory patterns, connecting to the elements and forces of nature.

Sexuality as a healing energy

We will learn and experience the healing power of our Sexual Energy, healing our mental, emotional and physical body. 

In Level 2 you will have the freedom of choice to nudity as part of the process



To become fearless and a master of our destiny

Shamanism is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, In Level 2 we practise the medicine of Death as a unique opportunity to touch the real self.

The art of love and the art of death

It is all about facing the darkness to emerge into the light. When we do this it no longer has power over us. It is when we let go of our old ways of thinking and doing, of our beliefs and patterns, then we can connect to the magic of the mystery of life with a new way of living. 

Releasing the fear of death and connecting to the soul which wants to be free from limitations and illusions is a significant step for a person to be at the peak of realizing his destiny and faithful service to his happiness and humanity. 

Making love with the shadow in one's conscious, brings man to a deeper connection to the root of his soul, his essence and his ability to be free.

Emotional Body

Healing the emotional body and making peace with our inner self is essential in order to go deeper into spiritual and sexual growth. Eden Emotional work is about releasing mental blockages in order to be free from patterns and healing our emotional body.      

Among our methods:
Psychodrama - a powerful healing method that is using Drama and spontaneity for therapy
Eden Dynamic Therapy - Body & Soul Dynamic therapy to open and release
meditations - designed to free oneself from all thought and identification and on the other hand to fill up on the hidden beauty of humanity and earth.

Rituals- Eden Rituals integrate Shamanism and Tantra wisdom into a magical space for transformation and healing.



The person who beats life
 - chooses the healthy movement every beat - and feels the connection to the mystery of life.

For more information & registration (down below pr contact us): 

[email protected]


Lead Facilitators: 

Shay Mashiach:

MA Psychology, researching the wisdom of Kabala; Specializes in psychodrama therapy (Tiltan College); Guides groups that combine shamanism with psychodrama, the wisdom of Kabala and the spirit of Tantra. Studying Sexual therapy and healing at haifa university Graduate: Tantra studying at Agama Yoga, shamanic medicine wheel at red way school, kabala wisdom at "or haganooz school" ; Osho relationship training (Italy)

Avishag Haya Caspi:
One of the founders and leaders of Tantra in Israel, conducts workshops and private sessions since the year 2000, for couples, women and singles. Teaches for several years the Holistic Sexuality, yearly course at Tiltan/Bar-Ilan College in Tel-Aviv. Participated in Sexology congresses around the world with Oren Gani(R.I.P.). Graduated from Margo Anand's SkyDancing Tantra School, U.S.A. Appears in Israeli TV, Radio and Newspapers. Background: Psychology B.A., Dance & Movement.  -