As an organization and community that studies transformation into the consciousness of Eden - which truly works and can be realized in life - we are committed first of all to our transformation in our lives by moving from a consciousness of economic or emotional survival, to a consciousness in which there is a flowing abundance of the rare gifts that the universe has to offer us:
The freedom to be real and authentic; freedom to love with pleasure and release from all shame and guilt; freedom to truly choose,  and the freedom to change what does not work and to choose again.

We teach that true success in life is not only about spiritual awakening, relationships or the work that one may be engaged in; but mainly for a profound presence and constantly learning the reality of one's life and consent to be a person with a life force that constantly flows with intensity and passion.

Hence the agreement to connect deep "to the great mystery" of life and make it a significant force in the story of my life.

We are in the matter of change - to healthy and happy places filled with passion - hence training is built specifically to aid in the transformation into consciousness that supports this change.

List of entries:

Freedom of Choice Creation - Every person is born with the right to choose the life that he wants to live. Mindfulness helps to assimilate these feelings in the emotional body, along with giving legitimacy and tools to "live the true desires of the heart" and to deal with joy and love with what "does not work" and needs to be updated and changed.

Loyalty to nature - a person who is faithful to his external nature and inner nature,  experiences a deep sense of connection and not separation from all the forces of nature that exist - this power that lies within the system of man, soul and consciousness - and when it connects to the forces of nature - the sky is the limit.

Agreeing to try to solve challenges and conflicts and explore new ways to solve them.

Relationships - deep connection to the source within me, presence and a sense of belonging to the great creation creates a new world of relationships with people - a deeper place for closeness and exploration - learning of the "I" through relationships and getting out of internal disabilities and conflicts by agreeing to close, deep, real relationships And pleasurable - a new world opens

Growth and Fertility Eden constantly seeks to explore and develop through growth and fertilization with every situation in life - every situation. And hence the exit to the adventure of a new life in which "reality did not get confused" and there is a lot to learn to accept and change.

Community - The idea of a developing community with values being built, deep partnerships, exciting encounters and teaching - friendships that are formed and initiated by the creative force of life –

Could be a new life experience