The School for Freedom, Passion and Unity

Essence – vision

The Eden experience is part of a new and evolving world consciousness of passionate life, true and healthy freedom of choice, a deep unity of all human powers of the soul - so that inner nature and outer nature unite. Some call it self-realization and a real freedom to be...

Or an infinite love for me and people for nature - here on earth.

The intelligent and applied integration of spiritual teachings is measured in us in the ability of man to truly create a stable enthusiasm in life and hence to positively influence the story of his life.

The consciousness of the Garden of Eden is first of all to believe that it is possible and to want to realize ... and then to understand that there are different levels of the application of Eden consciousness - and this is what we are studying and teaching. The training is powerful, varied and creative, and provides a fertile ground for the transformation and transformation of the handicapped into a free, inquiring, relaxed mind, with great respect for the creation and nature and mystery that we are not trying to manage and understand, but to lead to a significant force of life.

The invitation is to connect to a new developmental age that examines and investigates - not thinking of a guarantee to victory, achievement and perfection. A new age that depends on social norms, old beliefs and biology that we have inherited; and most importantly, be open to the surprises of life in which the great mystery will appear - it happens all the time.

The project explores, discovers and distributes ideas for the application of ways and methods to realize Eden's consciousness here on earth in our lives.

The focus is on a consciousness of Eden, which combines:

Joy and steady enthusiasm - a life in which there is real inner joy that accompanies daily life.

Health - a life in which there is good and continued physical health - and the ability to recover from health conditions faster and more efficiently.

Sexuality - a high realization of a life of pleasure and desire in a sacred and enjoyable way - shameless and guiltless.

Eden experience combines:

Eden experience training - learning and training for daily life (detail of content)

Community - an evolving community that encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and growth by virtue of "togetherness"

Welcome to a project that explores the life of heaven for the realization here on earth - sounds delusional?

What is the life of heaven? Throughout history, man has studied in depth the meaning of "being human" and there are many psychological spiritual philosophies that have an explanation, a method and even suggestions for interesting and effective action - a lot common to all. And in Eden experience, researchers are examining and implementing integration that we believe is intelligent and adaptable to everyday life here in the way of Western society. In general, integration combines deep and deep knowledge of the mysticism of Judaism (Kabala), Tantra in its profound spiritual aspects - alongside a profound opportunity for change accompanied by powerful assimilation processes Group dynamics and varied and deep therapy.

More on the idea:

The workshops began in 2010 and the project was founded in 2016, with groups of people who study the Eden consciousness that originates from a deep understanding of Kabala, Shamanism and Tantra.

In 2015, a project called Eden Wisdom was supposed to come out which would be a gateway to the healing of diseases through spiritual and cognitive work, from impossible medical conditions.

The yearning has changed to create a powerful life energy that extends not only to recovery, but to study the wisdom of healing and healing from it - it has an interesting and exciting connection to the spiritual idea of 'Eden consciousness'.

Initiator and participant in the project: Shay Mashiach